Reconstructive Surgery

Reconstructive procedures are the mainstay of nearly all plastic surgeons’ work: covering all aspects of wound healing and reconstruction after congenital, acquired and traumatic problems, with aesthetic surgery playing a smaller but important part in their working week.

Reconstructive surgery is all about repairing people and restoring function. It is performed to repair and reshape bodily structures affected by birth defects, developmental abnormalities, trauma/injuries, infections, tumours and disease. Using a wide range of reconstructive techniques, plastic surgeons mend holes and repair damage primarily through the transfer of tissue from one part of the body to another. Their main aim is to restore the body, or the function of a specific part of the body, to normal.

Reconstructive surgery is used to treat a wide range of conditions which fall into the two following categories, congenital and acquired. Our plastic and reconstructive surgeons use the most advanced techniques to reconstruct and repair every part of the body. As a best cancer care center, we routinely reconstruct, repair and reattach limbs following traumatic injury. If you have been diagnosed with a potentially disfiguring medical condition, we are part of your medical team from your first diagnosis. We use our surgical expertise to correct congenital and acquired deformities. As a nationally ranked medical center, our surgeons partner with some of the most respected specialists in the country.

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