Radiation Oncology

Radiation oncology is a modality of treatment that involves the controlled use of radiation beams to treat cancer and other symptoms caused by cancer. Radiation therapy also known as radiotherapy is the term used to describe the actual treatment delivered by the radiation oncology team.

Radiation therapy can be delivered to treat a wide range of cancers, and may be used alone or in conjunction with surgery, chemotherapy and other treatments. Radiation Therapy is usually completely non-invasive, and does not require a patient to be admitted for the treatment.

Radiation Oncology includes responsibility for the diagnosis, treatment, follow-up and supportive care of the cancer patient, and forms an integral part of the multidisciplinary management and investigations of patients.

Importance of Radiation Oncology:

With constant advances in the technologies used for radiation oncology it results in bringing out successful outcomes for more number of patients, resulting in higher cure rates, causing no damage to the healthy tissues, shorter treatment time and improved quality of life. The latest technologies provide three-dimensional images of tumours that precisely target radiation beams to the cancer, limiting damage to the healthy tissues, along with advances such as real-time imaging which captures the smallest involuntary patient movements, such as breathing.

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