My father was diagnosed with cancer. It was very difficult for all family members to face the situation. Bt then I found Dr.Mahesh Pawar on Google. We had a call with him and then we met him. I must say that he is a straightforward honest doctor. He is very understanding and listens to our concerns. I highly recommend him to anyone looking for specialist. It’s rare to find a doctor that combines such personal touches and care for a patient as a person with outstanding quality of medical care. Also, the staff was great 😊 Dear sir, GOOD DOCTORS LIKE YOU REPLACE THE FEAR OF ILLNESS WITH TRUST AND RECOVERY. TYSM….😁💐

Hindavi Bhandalkar

Since last month I was going through a very frightening situation, because I had a tumour just below my left ear…i was suggested for few tests and MRI which was very scary till reports came…I met Dr.Mahesh Pawar Sir…..First i was very nervous but Sir told me very simply that it was matter of one surgery and then all will be fine. Coincindently Sir also passed schooling from same school of mine, for which I felt very proud. The way Sir explained, i was very comfortable and very glad that I got very skilled surgeon and I felt completely relieved…Thank you is not enough for the way you treated my disease. Operation also was done with utmost care. Thank you so much Sir for your treatment and all support…

Sarita Thorat

Dr. Mahesh Pawar is very much experienced, Friendly and nice human being. We were very scared and anxious after the the diagnosis of after the MRI report. When we met him he resolved all our queries and also helped to come out of anxiety and depression.He was very confident about his diagnosis and treatment.So we decided to get the surgery done by him only.Finally he successfully removed the tumour by surgery.Dr.Mahesh Pawar is one of the best oncologists. I would definitely recommend him to my family and friends.I wish him all the best and BIG Thank you.

Amit Singh