My mother was suffering from cancer of the tongue. She was operated 8 months back at another hospital but within 8 months cancer reoccurred which was shown to the previous doctor but he was not able to diagnose it. So we went to dr mahesh pawar sir. And at first meet only he diagnosed it as that cancer has probably reoccurred and he advised us for further investigation and after all investigations, it is proved that it is cancer which is reoccurred .he suggested surgery for our patient and because of his experience and success in all cases we planned immediately for surgery.. and got operated for free flap surgery. The surgery was performed very nicely and successfully by Dr. Mahesh Pawar and within 5 days after surgery, my mother got discharged from the hospital. Now she is very well. and performing her activities. I really thank Dr. Mahesh Pawar sir for his efficient work and support. People say doctors are the form of God…Yes… it is absolutely true…In the form of Dr Mahesh Pawar we have seen the God in himself….With no doubt, I will strongly recommend Dr Mahesh Pawar sir…Thank you very much