My father was diagnosed with cancer. It was very difficult for all family members to face the situation. Bt then I found Dr.Mahesh Pawar on Google. We had a call with him and then we met him. I must say that he is a straightforward honest doctor. He is very understanding and listens to our concerns. I highly recommend him to anyone looking for specialist. It’s rare to find a doctor that combines such personal touches and care for a patient as a person with outstanding quality of medical care. Also, the staff was great 😊 Dear sir, GOOD DOCTORS LIKE YOU REPLACE THE FEAR OF ILLNESS WITH TRUST AND RECOVERY. TYSM….😁💐

Hindavi Bhandalkar

Since last month I was going through a very frightening situation, because I had a tumour just below my left ear…i was suggested for few tests and MRI which was very scary till reports came…I met Dr.Mahesh Pawar Sir…..First i was very nervous but Sir told me very simply that it was matter of one surgery and then all will be fine. Coincindently Sir also passed schooling from same school of mine, for which I felt very proud. The way Sir explained, i was very comfortable and very glad that I got very skilled surgeon and I felt completely relieved…Thank you is not enough for the way you treated my disease. Operation also was done with utmost care. Thank you so much Sir for your treatment and all support…

Sarita Thorat

Dr. Mahesh Pawar is very much experienced, Friendly and nice human being. We were very scared and anxious after the the diagnosis of after the MRI report. When we met him he resolved all our queries and also helped to come out of anxiety and depression.He was very confident about his diagnosis and treatment.So we decided to get the surgery done by him only.Finally he successfully removed the tumour by surgery.Dr.Mahesh Pawar is one of the best oncologists. I would definitely recommend him to my family and friends.I wish him all the best and BIG Thank you.

Amit Singh

Every problem has a solution. But when it comes to a cancer patient, finding the right solution (treatment/doctor) is not at all an easy task… It’s very important to reach the right place at the right time… And I was lucky to have known about Dr Pawar… I became confident at the very first appointment, the day my cancer was diagnosed, that I was at the right place. Guiding me and my family all through my treatment, patient hearing to all the queries, available 24*7 and pulling me out of CANCER through series of treatment with his expertise in this field is the least to mention. Dr Pawar is the Best Doctor to consult with in terms of his specialty.
Beside this all the medical, as well as nursing staff of his clinic, are very well trained..One always feels that personal touch … Each patient gets individual attention. The cordial environment created by the staff over there keeps one comfortable even in times of pain. I thank the entire team of CARE CANCER CLINIC for my successful recovery. REMAIN THE BEST…

Sharmistha Sinha

We visited Dr. Mahesh Pawar for Breast abscess issue. He explained us the whole problem patiently and made our fears go away. Initially, based on the reports he suggested we might need to go for surgery. But after examining multiple times in the week, waited patiently and suggested we need not go for surgery as the abscess got cured through tablets. If any other doctor would have been there, I’m sure he would have gone for surgery. But Dr. Mahesh gave preference to Patients needs than money. I really appreciate Dr. Mahesh for giving the correct diagnosis, patiently understanding our issues and successfully curing the abscess without surgery. Thank you Dr. Mahesh and to entire Care team. Highly suggest Dr. Mahesh sir for any cancer/non-cancer surgery related issues.

Sainath Degloorkar

It’s been immense please to share that Our patient with breast Cancer recovered completely and now it’s more than three years she is doing well, symptom free and treatment free. Dr.Mahesh is friendly and vocal for local so it was been very much convenient for my patient to get n number of queries before and during the long course of her cancer treatment. Maney thanks to Dr.Mahesh Pawar and his team for their extensive support and care .

Dr. Mangesh Pawale

When our doctor suggested to consult a onco surgeon for further treatment of my wife, we were panicked. However, as soon as we visited Dr Mahesh Pawar, we were pleasantly surprised by friendly conversation by Sir. While he reviewed reports of earlier tests, he himself checked tumour and suggested a surgery. Speaking with Sir gave us confidence needed during this time. As we finalized hospital for surgery, he clearly suggested schedule and arranged for operation theatre and other essential things. Post surgery he also had wife inspected for effects of surgery. During entire process he was transparent about risks involved in the surgery so we can make informed decision. We feel glad to mention that none of the risks he highlighted were experienced as his utmost care and skillful operation prevented us. We are fortunate to be treated under Mahesh Sir and thankful to him. We extend our thanks to Shiva Sir and all staff for support during entire process

Niraj Thorat

Dr. Mahesh Pawar is arguably the best surgical oncologists in Pune. He treated my mother for maxillary sinus cancer. He patiently answered all our questions and explained treatment plan in detail. He was very confident about treatment and outcome. Besides his medical expertise, he is very humble and empathetic person. He provided all the morale support and confidence before/during treatment. I highly recommend him for any type cancer treatment.

Sunil Patil

My mother was suffering from cancer of the tongue. She was operated 8 months back at another hospital but within 8 months cancer reoccurred which was shown to the previous doctor but he was not able to diagnose it. So we went to dr mahesh pawar sir. And at first meet only he diagnosed it as that cancer has probably reoccurred and he advised us for further investigation and after all investigations, it is proved that it is cancer which is reoccurred .he suggested surgery for our patient and because of his experience and success in all cases we planned immediately for surgery.. and got operated for free flap surgery. The surgery was performed very nicely and successfully by Dr. Mahesh Pawar and within 5 days after surgery, my mother got discharged from the hospital. Now she is very well. and performing her activities. I really thank Dr. Mahesh Pawar sir for his efficient work and support. People say doctors are the form of God…Yes… it is absolutely true…In the form of Dr Mahesh Pawar we have seen the God in himself….With no doubt, I will strongly recommend Dr Mahesh Pawar sir…Thank you very much

Subhash Pujari

When we came to know about my father cancer treatment , we gone through panic situation & lot of speculation about this decease

When we visited Care Cancer Hospital in Pune & met Dr. Mahesh Pawar Oncologist, the way handle patient & his / her relative , it was really amazing experience. Dr.Mahesh Pawar’s way of talking itself half of patient is recover.He is very polite, down to earth , quickly respond on phone. He diagnosis is absolutely perfect 👌

Also Care hospital staff Prajakta madam , Mr.Shiva are very helpful & quickly respond

I am fully satisfied & always recommended Care Hospital

Thank you once again Mahesh sir & his staff

Kudos to your efforts

Pankaj Pawar