Cancer Care Speciality Hospital is one counted as one of the premium Cancer hospitals in Pune and offers a cutting edge technology treatment for the malicious disease. With a team of expert professionals on board we are a recognized hospital in terms of quality of services we offer. We have a streamlined and dedicated team of experts for the individual treatment process and are available 24X7 in hospital. We are known to offer best and world class services and advanced diagnostic and imaging techniques for the treatment of cancer.

Cancer Hospital in Pune


  • Provides all facilities for diagnosis and proper treatment of all type of cancer
  • Doctor on premises 24X7
  • Dedicated and experienced staff
  • Modern technology and therapeutic equipment usage
  • Multi-specialty services


Established in the year 2000, Cancer Care Speciality Hospital– the dedicated Cancer Hospital in Pune, works with driven hopes and positive results of their research and development and hard-work of years to treat their patients with utmost care so as to maximize the recovery and enhance the quality and longevity of the patient’s life.

Cancer care hospital is one of the most highly reputed and recognized multispecialty hospital with the best oncologist surgeons available in Pune. We treat patients with the state of the art services and latest/cutting-edge technologies

The oncologist doctors at Cancer Care Speciality Hospital in Pune offer overall care to the patient by consolidating views of the experts in the Surgical Oncology, Medical Oncology, and Radiation Oncology. Cancer care clinic has a team of Oncologist that are highly skilled medical professionals skilfully treat patients with cancer affecting the head neck, breast, lung, gastrointestinal and others.

Symptoms of Cancer

Generally, the symptoms of cancer are not explicit and coincide with other general disorders. Hence, getting screened is mandatory on a regular basis, that is, in 6-10 months. Following are the symptoms that indicate to cancer:

  • Constant pain in the belly and back
  • Drastic weight loss
  • Frequent fever
  • Indigestion and loss of appetite
  • Skin losing its texture
  • Nausea and vomiting
  • Jaundice
  • High Blood Sugar
  • Pale colored feces

Factors causing cancer:

  • Diabetes
  • Obesity and sedentary lifestyle
  • Genetics
  • Smoking
  • High-fat diet


Care Speciality Hospital promises to provide the best treatment and is known as the Cancer hospitals in Pune. We use the upgraded and latest technology supported by our expert consultants, to take a positive step towards cancer treatment. Care Speciality Hospital is the most preferred choice for the individuals who want to get the right treatment and doesn’t want to experiment with the disease. We provide the best comprehensive process, right from the initial stage of a patient’s walk in till the treatment is done and the positive results are shown.

Our dedicated and professional staff is available 24/7 and provides the most affordable services in the town. We take care of your treatment in a much-planned way and we believe in providing a one-time solution, hence, only effective and professional services are provided.



Pankaj PawarPankaj Pawar
10:42 03 Dec 21
When we came to know about my father cancer treatment , we gone through panic situation & lot of... speculation about this deceaseWhen we visited Care Hospital & met Dr.Mahesh Pawar Oncologist, the way handle patient & his / her relative , it was really amazing experienceDr.Mahesh Pawar's way of talking itself half of patient is recover.He is very polite, down to earth , quickly respond on phone . He diagnosis is absolutly perfect 👌Also Care hospital staff Prajakta madam , Mr.Shiva are very helpful & quickly respondI am fully satisfied & always recommended Care HospitalThank you once again Mahesh sir & his staff 👍Kudos to your efforts 👍read more
Ashwin MAshwin M
08:55 03 Nov 21
Dr. Mahesh Pawar is incredible and awesome Doctor. Has a humble attitude. He had taken great care... of my father's health. It was a wonderful experience. Also, all staff members are very friendly and professional. Highly Preferable. Thanks to whole team of Care Speciality more
Ashwathi ManiyathAshwathi Maniyath
08:46 03 Nov 21
Dr. Mahesh Pawar did a great job. He explained everything to us in a very clear manner. He was also... kind and friendly. All of the staff was great – they were very helpfulread more
Neeraj SharmaNeeraj Sharma
06:31 02 Oct 21
Very fine and experienced Doctor. Staff is also good and supportive. Hospital premises is neat and... clean. I would definitely recommended this hospital. Very well maintained and equipped with all amenities.Thank you 🙏read more
Pravin RathodPravin Rathod
03:43 28 Jul 21
Dr. Mahesh Pawar who is a surgical oncologist,is incredible and outstanding Doctor. Not only he has... taken great care of my fathers health, but also he is lovely to speak with at every appointment. It’s rare to find a doctor that combines such a care for a patient as a person with outstanding quality of medical care. It was a wonderful and warm experience from start to end.combination of expertise and a willingness to listen and discuss is one of the best aspects that we have had. Also, the whole staff are very friendly and professional. Highly Preferable. Thanks to whole team of Care Speciality Hospital 👍👍read more



Here are the frequently asked questions about cancer diagnosis, cancer treatment and cancer care.

What are the early symptoms of cancer and when to visit a doctor?

The signs and symptoms of cancer differ depending on the type and stage of the cancer. Patients which are visiting to the hospital with symptoms such as high fevers, unexplained weight loss, tumours, and etc are consulted by best cancer specialist.

If your symptoms last longer than a week, it is highly recommended that you see your doctor. If your doctor suspects cancer, you’ll be advised cancer diagnosis tests, and then the screening and treatment plan will begin, which will again customized for each patient’s stage of cancer and other medical conditions. Consult with the best oncologists at Care Speciality Hospital which is the best cancer hospital in Pune.

How to choose a cancer hospital?

Keep following things in mind while choosing a cancer hospital for cancer treatment –

1. Choose a cancer hospital that can provide treatment for every type of cancer. 

2. Hospital should be equipped with state-of-the-art technology and has the best and experienced team of cancer doctors. 

3. Cancer patients from small towns and villages have to move to the city to get treated in renowned cancer hospitals.

What does a cancer doctor do on the first visit?

During the first visit, the cancer doctor will ask questions about your symptoms and review the family history of health. Further, he will study the reports of the scans and tests the person may have had beforehand including X-Ray, MRI, CT scans, and other imaging tests that were done to conclude whether you have cancer or not. He may request you some additional tests. 

Why cancer screening is important?

Cancer screening helps find cancer in its early stage before it spreads when it is easier to treat. Early detection means more no. treatment options and less time spent recovering. The earlier a cancer is detected, the better your chance of survival. Hence you should go for regular screening for breast cancer, colon and rectal cancer, cervical cancer, and prostate cancer if you are at risk of cancer. 

What are cancer treatment options available at Care Speciality Hospital?

Care specialty cancer hospital in Pune follows a multidisciplinary approach for cancer treatment, where an integrated team of cancer specialists understand and evaluate the patient’s journey. Cancer treatment options include surgery, radiotherapy, chemotherapy, immunotherapy, etc.

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