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Breast Cancer

Breast cancer has seen an increase in number in the past 10 years and is one of the most common cancer prevailing in females. With the increase and advancement in technology, it is, however, possible to detect breast cancer at an early stage. Cancer care clinic is one of the leading Breast cancer hospitals in Pune providing expert consultancy and world-class treatment to the individuals. From effective screening to personalized care, we are known to perform many breast surgeries.

Cancer Care Clinic: The Leading Breast cancer hospital in Pune

breast cancer Hospital in pune

With our specialists on board, we have a leading team of experts working in breast cancer care and research providing the patients with the upgraded and latest treatments with great chances to cure the disease. We are known to provide a cutting edge with the latest diagnostic technologies and minimally invasive surgery, hence treating the individuals with radiotherapy and by spreading awareness among the mass.

Symptoms and Signs

The major symptoms of Breast Cancer are as follows:

  • Constant Pain in the breast, ranging from mild to severe
  • Formation of a lump in the infected breast
  • The infected breast nipple develops rashes
  • Blood discharge from the nipple
  • Upturned nipple
  • Breast skin developing redness and pits
  • Anomaly in the symmetry and size of the breast
  • Flaking, and peeling of the breast skin

Breast cancer Treatment

For the prevailing breast cancer, surgery is done at the initial stage followed by chemotherapy / Radiotherapy, to be decided depending on the final histopathology report. In the more advanced cases of breast cancer, the initial chemotherapy is given in order to decrease the size of the tumor. This is followed by surgery/radiation. The Patient may also require to stay on a medication by taking a tablet daily for at least 5 years, based on the final diagnosis report.

The Surgical options comprise of:

  • Modified radical mastectomy. Which includes, complete removal of breast + removing nodes from the armpit
  • Breast conservation surgery(BCS), which includes, removal of tumor + removing nodes from the armpit

Both the above-mentioned surgeries are known to have comparable cure rates. The treatment given is decided on the size of the tumor and the mode the patient opt for based on the convenience of factors.

  • The Sentinel lymph node biopsy is used on the patients with no nodes in the armpit at the time of diagnosis.

Cancer care clinic is the most preferred choice for the individuals who want to get the right treatment from the best breast cancer hospital in Pune and doesn’t want to experiment with the disease. We provide the best comprehensive process, right from the initial stage of a patient’s walk in till the treatment is done and the positive results are shown. We take care of your treatment in a much-planned way and our dedicated and professional staff is available 24/7 and provides the most affordable services in the town.

Cancer treatment can prompt concealment of insusceptibility in different ways, including concealment of the development of white cells that are essential for battling contaminations, utilization of steroids, or utilization of medications that have an inalienable immunosuppressive impact. Generally speaking, the opportunity of such WBC concealment is under 20 percent. In any case, therapeutic oncologists, in light of their clinical judgment and relying upon the general state of the patient, have now got the advantage of utilizing “Development Factors” which are infusions that can support the development of white platelets in this way anticipating immunosuppression.

Our Hospital Understands all of it as its one of the best Breast cancer hospital in Pune which delivers the best care to the patients suffering from cancer.

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