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Welcome to official website of Dr. Mahesh Pawar, one of the finest and dedicated ,surgical oncologists in Pune. Surgery is one of the most common treatments for many type of cancers. Cancer surgery (oncosurgery) involves cutting away malignant (cancerous) tissue by using a scalpel or high-energy light beams (lasers). For many patients, surgery plays an important role either alone or in combination with chemotherapy and/or radiation therapy for cancer. Your cancer surgeon or also called as an oncosurgeon may recommend surgery in following circumstances:

  • For confirming a cancer diagnosis
  • Removing a tumor
  • To judge the size and extent of the cancer (staging)
  • Reconstructing a part of the body
  • Palliative surgery to relieve cancer related symptoms

Every cancer operation is unique because every patient is unique. Therefore when making a decision for yourself or your loved one, what matters is whether your surgeon will be there for you before, during and after your surgery. Most patients when faced with the diagnosis of cancer are overwhelmed. They often travel great distances from one city to other or sometimes to international destinations, assuming they are doing so in order to obtain the best available care. Their loved ones want only the best cancer surgeon to operate. However, what they are not aware of is that the top cancer surgeon they wait weeks or longer to get an appointment may not be the surgeon who will actually perform the whole surgery. Instead he/she may be supervising the fellows in training while their loved one is getting operated. This is aspect is as important to consider as choosing the best oncosurgeon because the outcome of surgery can be totally different when your chosen surgeon performs the surgery versus when he/she just supervises it.

Dr. Mahesh Pawar is one such patient-centric surgical oncologist in Pune whose mission is to offer an involved-care with cutting-edge surgical oncology modalities in a personalized and caring environment. In deciding on the best course of treatment, Dr. Mahesh Pawar and his team takes into account unique needs of each patient and try to accommodate as many of them as possible.

Dr. Mahesh Pawar has completed MBBS, DNB & FCPS from some of the prestigious medical colleges and hospitals. He has been trained extensively in surgery and surgical oncology at KEM Hospital, Pune and Tata Memorial Center, Mumbai. During his residency at Tata Memorial, Dr. Pawar was involved in initial assessment, diagnosis, planning the treatment and performing various surgeries in cancer patients. He was hands-on even in post-operative care of patients and making post-surgical treatment plans. Apart from his excellent surgical skills, Dr. Pawar also is a researcher at his core who keeps himself upbeat with latest research and innovations in oncology by participating in clinical trials as well as attending conferences and seminars.

He established Cancer Care Clinic in year 2000 which is leading independent cancer hospital with extensive out-patient facilities and has been providing the highest level of cancer care in Pune. Since its inception Cancer Care Clinic is serving patients relentlessly with one single aim of providing better survival, quality of life during their sufferings and if possible in some cases where patient comes early in course of disease strive for a long disease free survival. The clinic is equipped with all facilities for patients. All types of cancers are treated with latest systemic treatment, aligned with reputed hospitals for radiation therapy and laboratories across India. Cancer Care Clinic is equipped with latest Cancer Registry software for detailed analysis of cancer registries on various parameters.

Dr. Mahesh Pawar personally performs each and every surgery on his patients. He combines his expert oncosurgery skills with a compassionate outlook towards each patient and family. Personal connections are made with both patient and family allowing for comfort and reassurance in a time of great stress and emotion. Every year Dr. Mahesh Pawar performs many cancer surgeries on patients coming from Pune, Sangli, Satara, Karad, Kolhapur, Nasik, Ahmed Nagar and even international patients coming from middle-east and other Asian countries. He treats both benign tumors and a wide array of malignancies, including highly complex and multiple/recurrent cases. Different type of cancer surgeries performed by Dr. Mahesh Pawar are as follows-

Curative surgery: Involves removal of a cancerous tumor. It works best on localized cancers that haven’t yet spread to other parts of the body, and is often followed by radiation therapy or chemotherapy to make sure all cancerous cells have been removed.

Preventive surgery: Used to keep cancer from occurring. Many colon cancers can be prevented by removing precancerous polyps before they become malignant. Women at high risk for breast cancer due to family history or genetic mutations may decide to have their breasts removed to prevent cancer from occurring. Preventive surgery is also known as prophylactic surgery.

Reconstructive surgery : Returns the body to normal or near-normal appearance or function following cancer treatment. The most common is breast reconstruction surgery after a mastectomy (breast removal). Facial reconstruction and testicular implants are other examples of reconstructive surgery.

Staging surgery : Determines the extent of cancer. Staging surgery can sometimes be done without an incision by using an endoscope to view the suspicious area and take a tissue sample. For abdominal tumors, a laparoscope is used to view the area, a procedure that involves a small incision in the abdominal cavity done under general anesthesia.

Supportive surgery: Used to help with other cancer treatments. For example, some chemotherapy devices require a port (connecting device) to be inserted under the skin.

Palliative surgery: Used to improve a patient’s quality of life by easing pain or other symptoms caused by advanced or untreatable cancer. Palliative surgery is not a cure or anti-cancer treatment.

Minimally invasive surgery: Employs advanced techniques to remove tumors through tiny incisions.

Dr. Pawar and his team strives to provide best possible care to patients and be there for them in their fight against cancer. It is patients’ success in their struggle, their faith, trust, and their belief which motivates Dr. Mahesh Pawar and his team to do more and strive to exceed expectations.

You are most welcome to explore website of Dr. Mahesh Pawar to get credible cancer related health information, ask questions, get second opinion, read patient testimonials or schedule an appointment with Dr. Mahesh Pawar.

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